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How to take screenshots in LXDE using scrot...

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How to take screenshots in LXDE using scrot...
« on: April 29, 2015, 04:54:04 AM »
Using scrot
  • Install scrot with your package manager. On Debian and Ubuntu-like systems, type sudo apt-get install scrot. If your account isn't included in the sudoers file, first type su, type your password and afterwards type apt-get install scrot. On RPM-based systems who are using yum, type sudo yum install scrot. Same here about the sudoers file.
  • Run scrot (type scrot in your terminal)
  • Press the PrtScr-button. The screenshot will be in /home/user/.

Using imagemagick

imagemagick is a collection of tools and libraries for many image formats. It is pre-installed in most distributions. You can check the availability of the binary needed by typing

Code: [Select]
$ which import


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