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Some Useful Linux Commands

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Some Useful Linux Commands
« on: May 10, 2013, 12:31:43 AM »
Some Useful Linux Commands

[size="4"][color="SandyBrown"]Shorthand at the Command Prompt[/color][/size]

[color="SandyBrown"]/[/color] - root directory

[color="SandyBrown"]./[/color] - current directory

[color="SandyBrown"]./command_name[/color] - run a command in the current directory when the current directory is not on the path

[color="SandyBrown"]../[/color] - parent directory

[color="SandyBrown"]~[/color] - home directory

[color="SandyBrown"]$[/color] - typical prompt when logged in as ordinary user

[color="SandyBrown"]#[/color] - typical prompt when logged in as root or superuser

[color="SandyBrown"]![/color] - repeat specified command

[color="SandyBrown"]!![/color] - repeat previous command

[color="SandyBrown"]^^[/color] - repeat previous command with substitution

[color="SandyBrown"]&[/color] - run a program in background mode

[color="SandyBrown"][Tab][Tab][/color] - prints a list of all available commands. This is just an example of autocomplete with no restriction on the first letter.

[color="SandyBrown"]x[Tab][Tab][/color] - prints a list of all available completions for a command, where the beginning is ``x''

[color="SandyBrown"][Alt][Ctrl][F1][/color] - switch to the first virtual text console

[color="SandyBrown"][Alt][Ctrl][Fn][/color] - switch to the nth virtual text console. Typically, there are six on a Linux PC system.

[color="SandyBrown"][Alt][Ctrl][F7][/color] - switch to the first GUI console, if there is one running. If the graphical console freezes, one can switch to a nongraphical console, kill the process that is giving problems, and switch back to the graphical console using this shortcut.

[color="SandyBrown"][ArrowUp] [/color]- scroll through the command history (in bash)

[color="SandyBrown"][Shift][PageUp][/color] - scroll terminal output up. This also works at the login prompt, so you can scroll through your boot messages.

[color="SandyBrown"][Shift][PageDown][/color] - scroll terminal output down

  • [/color][/b] - switch to next X server resolution (if the server is set up for more than one resolution)

    [color="SandyBrown"][Ctrl][Alt][-][/color] - change to previous X server resolution

    [color="SandyBrown"][Ctrl][Alt][BkSpc][/color] - kill the current X server. Used when normal exit is not possible.

    [color="SandyBrown"][Ctrl][Alt][Del][/color] - shut down the system and reboot

    [color="SandyBrown"][Ctrl]c[/color] - kill the current process

    [color="SandyBrown"][Ctrl]d[/color] - logout from the current terminal

    [color="SandyBrown"][Ctrl]s[/color] - stop transfer to current terminal

    [color="SandyBrown"][Ctrl]q[/color] - resume transfer to current terminal. This should be tried if the terminal stops responding.

    [color="SandyBrown"][Ctrl]z[/color] - send current process to the background

    [color="SandyBrown"]reset[/color] - restore a terminal to its default settings

    [color="SandyBrown"][Leftmousebutton][/color] - Hold down left mouse button and drag to highlight text. Releasing the button copies the region to the text buffer under X and (if gpm is installed) in console mode.

    [color="SandyBrown"][Middlemousebutton][/color] - Copies text from the text buffer and inserts it at the cursor location. With a two-button mouse, click on both buttons simultaneously. It is necessary for three-button emulation to be enabled, either under gpm or in XF86Config.


Re: Some Useful Linux Commands
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2014, 02:07:40 AM »
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