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12/21 New Events

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12/21 New Events
« on: December 22, 2020, 12:11:30 PM »
12/21 New Events

Tuesday, December 22, 2020, 10:02

The end of the year 2020 is approaching!
Are there any special days that come to mind when thinking of the year-end?
That's right! It’s Christmas!
What do the Heroes think of first when it comes to Christmas?
I think about the shiny Christmas tree with all the pretty lights🎄
and of course not to forget Santa 🎅!
To celebrate Christmas again this year, we made Magnadine a Winter Village!
If you visit Magnadin and make a wish to Santa, you will receive the item you want!
Also, don’t miss out on 2020s last Dice Festival!🎲 by receiving various gifts through Santa’s Gift Pack🎁.
Let’s enjoy the Christmas Festival together.
Please refer below for more details on the events we have prepared.

1. Sky Lantern Event
● Event Period: After the 12/21 Maintenance - Before the 1/5 Maintenance

2. Ice Santa’s Gift Pack Event
● Event Period: After the 12/21 Maintenance - Before the 1/5 Maintenance
● Content:
- Ice Santa’s Gift Pack Event will be created in Magnadin for 24 hours every day during the event period.
You can receive a wish ticket and gift box through the Gift Pack.

■ How to participate
- During the event period, the Gift Pack will appear in Magnadin for 24 hours every day. 

3. New Year Gift Collector Dice Game Event
The Dice Event that many Heroes have been waiting for is back.
You can roll the dice to obtain various items in this event such as Enhance Scrolls, Main Profession Materials etc.!
Please look forward to a lot of cool rewards!

● Event Period:

12/23 01:00 ~ 1/6 20:59 (PST)
12/23 04:00  ~ 1/6 23:59 (EST)
12/23 20:00  ~ 1/7 15:59 (AEDT)
12/23 01:00  ~ 1/6 20:59 (GMT)

4. [Event Period Extension] Free Auto-Clear Event
After the Antharas Expansion Pack, there is the Free Auto-Clear Event.
We want to extend the Free Auto-Clear Event as a token of gratitude for the active participation of all Heroes.
Please check the event period in advance to participate.
Check below for more details.
● Event Period:
After the 10/27 Update - 2/3 20:59 (PST)
After the 10/27 Update - 2/3 23:59 (EST)
After the 10/28 Update -  2/4 15:59 (AEDT)
After the 10/28 Update - 2/3 20:59 (GMT)

5. Events that are about to end:

- 7 Day Check-in
- Login Point Shop
- Bingo for Grade UR Pet Equipment



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