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SimCity BuildIt Contest of Mayors

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SimCity BuildIt Contest of Mayors
« on: May 09, 2016, 03:57:27 PM »
SimCity BuildIt Contest of Mayors

Earn bragging rights.

Compete against other Mayors in the weekly Contest of Mayors. Complete tasks in your city and earn Plumbob Points. Rise up in the Leagues to earn premium currency to grow your city with special Platinum buildings.

Tap the skyscraper on the dreamy island near your Cargo Ship Dock to check out the Contest HQ.

How do I compete in the Contest of Mayors?
Tap the Contest HQ to take part in the contest and find details about the Rules, Assignments, Leaderboards, and Leagues.

Each Contest of Mayors lasts five days, with groups of Mayors competing against 100 randomly selected Mayors around the world.

How do I complete Assignments?
When the contest begins you can start completing Assignments. Just pick an assignment and tap Accept.

Each Assignment has its own time limit. Some are trickier and have larger Plumbob Point rewards.

Did you accept the wrong Assignment? Don’t worry. Tap on the red X icon to cancel the assignment and pick a new Assignment to accept.

Please note that there is a cool down period before a new assignment replaces the cancelled assignment in your list. If you want, you can skip the cool down using SimCash. Just tap the Speed Up icon.

What are Plumbob Points?
You earn Plumbob Points for completing Assignments. When the contest ends, your Plumbob Point total determines your League and rewards.

Simoleons, Speed up Tokens, or Platinum Keys? Big win or small?

Want to know where you stand? Tap the Leaderboards tab to check your current position and take a sneak peak of the possible rewards during the Contest.

What are Platinum Keys and how do I use them?

Platinum Keys are the special prize of the Contest of Mayors. They are super exclusive and you can only win them in the Contest of Mayors.

Use Platinum Keys to buy premium buildings such as Platinum Parks and Platinum Landmarks from the Specialization menus.

What are Leagues and how do they work?
There are six Leagues, starting with Neighborhood League and rising to the premier Megalopolis League.

The top ranked players in your group each week progress to a higher League, where bigger prizes and more Assignments are available.

The lowest ranked players move to a lower League.

Best of luck, Mayor!

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