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Alien: Isolation Mission List

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Alien: Isolation Mission List
« on: January 24, 2023, 02:43:00 PM »
Alien: Isolation Mission List (Story Walkthrough)
Walkthrough and Game Guide

1: Closing The Book
Explore The Torrens, then head to the bridge.

Get Dressed
Speak to Taylor
Speak to Samuels
Go to the Bridge for Briefing

Video Guides:

2: Welcome To Sevastopol
Find the door code, and get through the main door with new friend Axel.

Find Help
Find a Way to Restore Power to the Shutters
Contact the Torrens
Get Through the Main Door
Head to the Transit Link with Axel
Stay Close to Axel
Use Your Flashlight to Find the Vent Entrance
Find a Way to Distract the Looters
Escape with Axel
Hit the Power at the Same Time as Axel
Save Axel
Escape with Axel
Reach the Transit Station

Video Guides:

3: Encounters
Disable the security lockdown system, and evade the Alien, escaping to Seegson Communications.

Find an Elevator to Seegson Communications
Take the Elevator Up to Seegson Communications
Find a Data Cell to Repair the Security Access Tuner
Hack the Elevator to Seegson Communications
Disable Security Lockdown

Video Guides:

4: Seegson Communications
Find the Motion Tracker, and access the rewire terminal.

Find Another Way Inside
Contact Verlaine and the Torrens
Find an Alternate Communications Terminal
Reactiveate Samuel’s Communication
Return Through Seegson Comms to Escape
Take Transit to Scimed Tower

5: The Quarantine
Find the passcode and Dr. Morleys keycard, avoiding the Xenomorph whenever possible.

Go to Samuels and Taylor
Get into the San Cristobal Medical Facility
Find Morley’s Office
Find Dr. Morley’s Keycard
Investigate Rooms on Dr. Morley’s Rounds
Take the Elevator to the Lower Hospital

6: The Outbreak
Find the Stun Baton, get the passcode, and encounter the synthetics.

Find a Trauma Kit
Investigate Lingard’s Office for Information
Search Operating Theatre for Trauma Kit
Find a Keycard to Access San Cristobal Medical Wards
Access San Cristobal Medical Reception
Initiate San Cristobal Medical Evaluation Procedures
Escape Through San Cristobal Medical Reception

7: Seegson Synthetics
Sneak past the Human Enemies and power up the Requisitions Android to get a compression cylinder.

Find an Alternate Elevator
Find a Compression Cylinder to Repair the Elevator
Find a Way to Open the Door to the Warehouse
Use the Requisitions Android to Access the Components Warehouse
Find a Way to Power Up the Requisitions Android
Activate the Requisitions Android at its Booth
Retrieve the Compression Cylinder
Replace Component in the Elevator
Find Exit to Synthetic Fluid Plant

8: Haven
Reactivate the transit and use your Cutting Torch to regroup.

Get to the SCIMED Transit Station
Get to Transit Control
Reactivate the Transit at the Main Console
Get Back to the Transit Station
Take the Transit Car to Solomons Habitation Tower
Get to Colonial Marshal Bureau
Talk to Marlow

9: Beacon
Activate the distress beacon, retract the winch, and head to the Alien Nest.

Scan the Signal Using the Tracker
Follow the Signal
Find a Route Around the Blockage
Find the Source of the Signal
Enter the Derelict
Explore the Derelict
Locate the Distress Beacon
Disable the Distress Beacon
Return to the Winch

10: The Trap
Get to the airlock, avoid the Xenomorph, and wield the new and mighty Flamethrower.

Collect the Flamethrower
Go to Lorenz Systech Spire
Get to Lorenz SYS/TECH Spire
Get to the Server Hub
Seal off the Stairwell
Activate Ricardo’s Override Command
Lock Down the Server Farm
Escape the Server Hub
Take Elevator to Gemini Exoplanet Solutions
Restore Access to Distribution
Find the Breakers to Bring Gemini Facility Online
Initialise the Distribution Conduit
Take the Freight Lift to Project KG348
Access the Project KG348 Research
Restore Power to the Lab
Activate the Primary Alarm System
Escape the Lab
Get to the Airlock
Pressurise the Airlock
Get to the Airlock

11: Hazard Containment
Fight to Marshal Bureau, and save Samuels.

Take the Elevator to the Solomons Galleria
Return to the Marshal Bureau
Find an Alternate Route
Take the Transit to the SCIMED Tower
Find Samuels in Seegson Synthetics
Take the Elevator to Seegson Synthetics
Climb the Elevator Shaft to the Upper Labs
Find a Way Through the Electrified Door
Find Samuels
Follow Samuels
Find Samuels in Seegson Synthetics
Halt the Grid Purge
Take Private Transit to Apollo Core

12: Synthetic Solution
Sneak past the Working Joes, and stop the grid purge.

Find Samuels in Seegson Synthetics
Take the Elevator to Seegson Synthetics
Climb the Elevator Shaft to the Upper Labs
Find a Way Through the Electrified Door
Find Samuels
Follow Samuels
Find Samuels in Seegson Synthetics
Halt the Grid Purge
Take Private Transit to Apollo Core

13: Consultation
Find the door passcode and gas mas, and disable the A.I. security systems.

Find a Way to the Lower Floor
Check the Apollo Sales Tour Schematics
Power Down the Conduit
Shut Off the Turbine Ventilation
Access Conduit Through the Turbine Shaft
Access Apollo
Find Apollo’s Human Consultation Control Room
Search the Left/ Right Server Bank Console
Use Access Tuner on Dome Terminal to Gain Access
Consult with Apollo
Exit Apollo Beneath Core

14: The Descent
Survive the Facehuggers, and overload the reactor.

Get to the Reactor Core
Investigate the Central Reactor
Unlock the Shutter
Get to the Reactor
Descend to Base of Reactor
Destroy the Nest
Overload the Alpha Core
Overload the Beta Core
Redirect Power to the Central Core
Overload Beta Core
Return to the Central Reactor
Overload Alpha Core
Overload Beta Core
Redirect Power to the Central Core
Initiate Purge from Reactor Control
Return to Ricardo
Go to the San Cristobal Medical Facility

15: The Message
Take the shuttle to Anesidora, and hear a message from a long-lost friend.

Find a Short-Range Ambulance
Find an Ambulance Craft in the San Cristobel Medical Emergency
Find a Level 3 Upgrade for the Access Tuner
Hack the Door and Board the Shuttle
Launch Ambulance Shuttle
Explore the Anesidora
Bring the Anesidora’s System Back Online
Find Marlow
Use Terminal
Shut Off Fusion Systems to Prevent Overload

16: Transmission
Walk on the surface of the Sevastopol, and find The Torrens.

Find a Way to Contact the Torrens
Find the Sevastopol Observatory
Use the Tracking System to Find the Torrens
Manually Input Torrens Coordinates
Find a Way for the Torrens to Dock

17: Desolation
Find the passcode and keycard to get to the Spaceflight Terminal.

Restore Power to the Solomons Habitation Tower Transit
Access Spaceflight Terminal Through Habitation Area
Find Alternate Route to Spaceflight Terminal
Restart the Generator
Find Alternate Route to Spaceflight Terminal
Find a Way for the Torrens to Dock

18: Tomorrow, Together
Escape to The Torrens and leave Sevastopol forever.

Initiate the Docking Procedure
Activate the Guidance Systems
Engage the Docking Clamp
Extend the Personnel Umbilical
Extend the Maintenance Rig
Get to the Airlock
Get Back to the Airlock
Release the Torrens
Prime the Release Mechanisms
Blow the Emergency Release Bolts
Get to the Bridge / Meet Verlaine on the Bridge

Last Survivor
Play as Ellen Ripley and destroy the USCSS Nostromo. Escape via the Narcissus.


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