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MySQL Improved Extension

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MySQL Improved Extension
« on: December 06, 2020, 10:43:18 PM »

MySQL Improved Extension

MySQLi extension basic examples
mysqli — The mysqli class
mysqli::$affected_rows — Gets the number of affected rows in a previous MySQL operation
mysqli::autocommit — Turns on or off auto-committing database modifications
mysqli::begin_transaction — Starts a transaction
mysqli::change_user — Changes the user of the specified database connection
mysqli::character_set_name — Returns the default character set for the database connection
mysqli::close — Closes a previously opened database connection
mysqli::commit — Commits the current transaction
mysqli::$connect_errno — Returns the error code from last connect call
mysqli::$connect_error — Returns a string description of the last connect error
mysqli::__construct — Open a new connection to the MySQL server
mysqli::debug — Performs debugging operations
mysqli::dump_debug_info — Dump debugging information into the log
mysqli::$errno — Returns the error code for the most recent function call
mysqli::$error_list — Returns a list of errors from the last command executed
mysqli::$error — Returns a string description of the last error
mysqli::$field_count — Returns the number of columns for the most recent query
mysqli::get_charset — Returns a character set object
mysqli::$client_info — Get MySQL client info
mysqli::$client_version — Returns the MySQL client version as an integer
mysqli::get_connection_stats — Returns statistics about the client connection
mysqli::$host_info — Returns a string representing the type of connection used
mysqli::$protocol_version — Returns the version of the MySQL protocol used
mysqli::$server_info — Returns the version of the MySQL server
mysqli::$server_version — Returns the version of the MySQL server as an integer
mysqli::get_warnings — Get result of SHOW WARNINGS
mysqli::$info — Retrieves information about the most recently executed query
mysqli::init — Initializes MySQLi and returns an object for use with mysqli_real_connect()
mysqli::$insert_id — Returns the auto generated id used in the latest query
mysqli::kill — Asks the server to kill a MySQL thread
mysqli::more_results — Check if there are any more query results from a multi query
mysqli::multi_query — Performs a query on the database
mysqli::next_result — Prepare next result from multi_query
mysqli::options — Set options
mysqli::ping — Pings a server connection, or tries to reconnect if the connection has gone down
mysqli::poll — Poll connections
mysqli::prepare — Prepare an SQL statement for execution
mysqli::query — Performs a query on the database
mysqli::real_connect — Opens a connection to a mysql server
mysqli::real_escape_string — Escapes special characters in a string for use in an SQL statement, taking into account the current charset of the connection
mysqli::real_query — Execute an SQL query
mysqli::reap_async_query — Get result from async query
mysqli::refresh — Refreshes
mysqli::release_savepoint — Removes the named savepoint from the set of savepoints of the current transaction
mysqli::rollback — Rolls back current transaction
mysqli::savepoint — Set a named transaction savepoint
mysqli::select_db — Selects the default database for database queries
mysqli::set_charset — Sets the default client character set
mysqli::$sqlstate — Returns the SQLSTATE error from previous MySQL operation
mysqli::ssl_set — Used for establishing secure connections using SSL
mysqli::stat — Gets the current system status
mysqli::stmt_init — Initializes a statement and returns an object for use with mysqli_stmt_prepare
mysqli::store_result — Transfers a result set from the last query
mysqli::$thread_id — Returns the thread ID for the current connection
mysqli::thread_safe — Returns whether thread safety is given or not
mysqli::use_result — Initiate a result set retrieval
mysqli::$warning_count — Returns the number of warnings from the last query for the given link
mysqli_stmt — The mysqli_stmt class
mysqli_stmt::$affected_rows — Returns the total number of rows changed, deleted, or inserted by the last executed statement
mysqli_stmt::attr_get — Used to get the current value of a statement attribute
mysqli_stmt::attr_set — Used to modify the behavior of a prepared statement
mysqli_stmt::bind_param — Binds variables to a prepared statement as parameters
mysqli_stmt::bind_result — Binds variables to a prepared statement for result storage
mysqli_stmt::close — Closes a prepared statement
mysqli_stmt::__construct — Constructs a new mysqli_stmt object
mysqli_stmt::data_seek — Seeks to an arbitrary row in statement result set
mysqli_stmt::$errno — Returns the error code for the most recent statement call
mysqli_stmt::$error_list — Returns a list of errors from the last statement executed
mysqli_stmt::$error — Returns a string description for last statement error
mysqli_stmt::execute — Executes a prepared Query
mysqli_stmt::fetch — Fetch results from a prepared statement into the bound variables
mysqli_stmt::$field_count — Returns the number of field in the given statement
mysqli_stmt::free_result — Frees stored result memory for the given statement handle
mysqli_stmt::get_result — Gets a result set from a prepared statement
mysqli_stmt::get_warnings — Get result of SHOW WARNINGS
mysqli_stmt::$insert_id — Get the ID generated from the previous INSERT operation
mysqli_stmt::more_results — Check if there are more query results from a multiple query
mysqli_stmt::next_result — Reads the next result from a multiple query
mysqli_stmt::$num_rows — Return the number of rows in statements result set
mysqli_stmt::$param_count — Returns the number of parameter for the given statement
mysqli_stmt::prepare — Prepare an SQL statement for execution
mysqli_stmt::reset — Resets a prepared statement
mysqli_stmt::result_metadata — Returns result set metadata from a prepared statement
mysqli_stmt::send_long_data — Send data in blocks
mysqli_stmt::$sqlstate — Returns SQLSTATE error from previous statement operation
mysqli_stmt::store_result — Transfers a result set from a prepared statement
mysqli_result — The mysqli_result class
mysqli_result::$current_field — Get current field offset of a result pointer
mysqli_result::data_seek — Adjusts the result pointer to an arbitrary row in the result
mysqli_result::fetch_all — Fetches all result rows as an associative array, a numeric array, or both
mysqli_result::fetch_array — Fetch a result row as an associative, a numeric array, or both
mysqli_result::fetch_assoc — Fetch a result row as an associative array
mysqli_result::fetch_field_direct — Fetch meta-data for a single field
mysqli_result::fetch_field — Returns the next field in the result set
mysqli_result::fetch_fields — Returns an array of objects representing the fields in a result set
mysqli_result::fetch_object — Returns the current row of a result set as an object
mysqli_result::fetch_row — Get a result row as an enumerated array
mysqli_result::$field_count — Get the number of fields in a result
mysqli_result::field_seek — Set result pointer to a specified field offset
mysqli_result::free — Frees the memory associated with a result
mysqli_result::$lengths — Returns the lengths of the columns of the current row in the result set
mysqli_result::$num_rows — Gets the number of rows in a result
mysqli_driver — The mysqli_driver class
mysqli_driver::embedded_server_end — Stop embedded server
mysqli_driver::embedded_server_start — Initialize and start embedded server
mysqli_driver::$report_mode — Enables or disables internal report functions
mysqli_warning — The mysqli_warning class
mysqli_warning::next — Fetch next warning
mysqli_sql_exception — The mysqli_sql_exception class
Aliases and deprecated Mysqli Functions
mysqli_connect — Alias of mysqli::__construct
mysqli_escape_string — Alias of mysqli_real_escape_string
mysqli_execute — Alias for mysqli_stmt_execute
mysqli_get_client_stats — Returns client per-process statistics
mysqli_get_links_stats — Return information about open and cached links
mysqli_report — Alias of mysqli_driver->report_mode
mysqli::set_opt — Alias of mysqli_options



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