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Tokyo Town is now live! From 03-03-2015

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Tokyo Town is now live! From 03-03-2015
« on: April 07, 2015, 04:31:44 PM »
Tokyo Town is now live! (from 03-03-2015).

Greetings Mayors,

Bring your city to life with the all new Tokyo Town update!

Tokyo Town features brand new buildings, flashing billboards and a new landmark – Himeji Castle!

Llama Cargo Airlines is in town and they are interested in a partnership with your city, Mayor. Build the brand new airport to import neighborhood tokens for your Tokyo Town residential district!

  • SimCity BuildIt is now playable on iPhone 4!
  • Improved performance
  • Request bubbles now display if the Mayor has the required items
  • Improved user experience when reconnecting your game to a social media account
  • Improved data layer visualizations for services, specializations, factory coverage and more!
  • It is now possible to request new plans after one of Dr. Vu’s disaster missions.
  • You can now re-advertise your items on the Global Trade HQ.
  • Keep a lookout for the hot air balloons and blimps that fill the sky!
  • Plus various bug fixes and behind the scenes improvement for a more enjoyable gameplay experience!

Happy building, Mayors!
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