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Best Diablo Immortal Farming Spots Ever

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Best Diablo Immortal Farming Spots Ever
« on: October 25, 2023, 07:39:05 AM »
Best Diablo Immortal Farming Spots Ever

1. Realm of Damnation (Dogs Area) and Forest of Misery

2. Frozen Tundra (Castle area with siege weapons)

3. Library of Zoltun Kulle - Hall of Transmutation

4. Wortham - The Festering Woods

5. Bilefen at the ship

6. Ashwold Cemetary - The Ossuary

7. Shassar Sea - Chamber of Sacrifice

8. Mount Zavain - Soul of Crucible

9. Frozen Tundra - Plains of Blood Waypoint

10. Realm of Damnation - Molten Egress

11. Shassar Sea - Oasis Waypoint

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