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[Trinitycore] Transmogrification

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[Trinitycore] Transmogrification
« on: November 07, 2013, 11:42:44 AM »
[Trinitycore] Transmogrification

[indent=1][size="2"]5.0 (patch)[/size][/indent]
  • [size="2"]Ripped cata branch functions and thus altered how everything is coded pretty much.[/size]
  • [size="2"]Dropped translation support[/size]
  • [size="2"]Added colored item links as well as icons all over the place[/size]
  • [size="2"]Added new feature: Sets[/size]
  • [size="2"]Added many config options, for example to allow cloth and plate to be transmogrified with each other

4.0 (patch)[/size]
  • [size="2"]I changed all the methods to normal functions and moved them to Transmogrification.cpp[/size]
  • [size="2"]I also updated the way transmogrifications are stored

3.9 (patch)[/size]
  • [size="2"]Nothing was added[/size]
  • [size="2"]Now supporting latest TDB: 0d3554d4bf[/size]
  • [size="2"]Also tested and works on latest[/size]
  • [size="2"]Changed diff to patch for better compability

3.8 (patch)[/size]
  • [size="2"]Nothing was added[/size]
  • [size="2"]Now supporting latest TDB: da9865b683

    3.7 (patch)[/size]
  • [size="2"]Quick update to the patch for latest trinitycore version

3.6 (patch)[/size]
  • [size="2"]Updated the code to work with the new trinitycore changes[/size]
  • [size="2"]Added config (See the bottom of worldserver.conf)[/size]
  • [size="2"]Added token cost possibility -- in config[/size]
  • [size="2"]Added cost modification possibility -- in config[/size]
  • [size="2"]Added quality requirement modification possibility -- in config

3.5 (patch)[/size]
  • [size="2"]Fixed a crash on item deletion from guild deleting etc.

3.4 (patch)[/size]
  • [size="2"]Added localization possibilities, even though I am not quite sure if it works and if it is good or good enough. Only tested that english works[/size]
  • [size="2"]Added possibility to disable gold cost before compiling[/size]
  • [size="2"]Cleaned all the code I could find to TrinityCore standards .. I think
3.3 (redone patch)[/size]
  • [size="2"]Transformed the script into a full coremod instead of having some code in the gossip script. This allows the transmogrification methods to be used on any item anywhere.[/size]
  • [size="2"]Changed the way fake display entries are stored in the core. Instead of having a new variable for the item class, I am now having a contained, much like locales have.[/size]
  • [size="2"]Changed the files into one patch file like Aokromes suggested. You can find the DB table creation SQLs from sql/characters_transmogrification/[/size]
  • [size="2"]Removed prepared statements[/size]
  • [size="2"]Fake display entries are now loaded when the server starts up. All nonexistant item guids will be deleted before loading and when loading, all invalid item entries are deleted (deleted some custom items aye?

3.2 (patch)[/size]
  • [size="2"]Fixed an issue with DB saving not taking action on login or server restart.

3.1 (patch, cpp)[/size]
  • [size="2"]Corrected the quality check, which was left to return true in any case[/size]
  • [size="2"]Fixed invisible item entries from newly created items (.additem for example)

3.0 (sql, patch, cpp)[/size]
  • [size="2"]It will have mailing and auction etc restrictions properly coded (yay, no more Fake owner!)[/size]
  • [size="2"]Having its own prepared statement now[/size]
  • [size="2"]Moved loading transmogs to the item loading part.[/size]
  • [size="2"]The script should now be added to scriptloader by the patch. So you just need to add it to solution.[/size]
  • [size="2"]Included an NPC sql for everyone with NPC problems :3

2.2 (sql, patch, cpp)[/size]
  • [size="2"]Added a few sounds, altered to use switch instead of an IF block[/size]
  • [size="2"]Modified to have a separate table[/size]
  • [size="2"]And more?

2.1 (cpp)[/size]
  • [size="2"]Fixed a crash when getting item template of item entry 0

2.0 (cpp)[/size]
  • [size="2"]Possibly more ..[/size]
  • [size="2"]Implemented cost[/size]
  • [size="2"]Changed quality checks[/size]
  • [size="2"]Fixed this and this[/size]
  • [size="2"]Changed some messages for more blizzlike feeling[/size]
  • [size="2"]After trying to transmogrify or remove a transmogrification, you get to the item selection screen instead of main menu[/size]
  • [size="2"]Added Remove Transmogrification buttons and update main menu button (removed nevermind)[/size]
  • [size="2"]Added more checks for safety and blizzlike feeling

1.0 (sql, patch, cpp)[/size]
  • [size="2"]Added DB saving and remove transmogrifications option -> patch, sql and script needed[/size]
[size="2"][size="4"]Get It:[/size][/size]

[size="2"][size="4"]Transmog threads: (requires login)

Arcemu version:[/size][/size]


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