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30 Things to Do At Level 80, 85 and 90!

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30 Things to Do At Level 80, 85 and 90!
« on: August 13, 2016, 02:43:03 AM »
30 Things to Do At Level 80, 85 and 90!

1. Unlock all available skills for your profession / race
2. Play through all dungeons
3. Complete all dungeons
4. Collect a set of armor from each dungeon in the game
5. Earn all possible PvP / PvE titles
6. Experiment with new builds for your profession
7. Discover all possible recipes for your crafting disciplines
8. Explore all areas in the game
9. Create a new character to experience a different profession / race
10. Participate in PvP
11. Complete your favorite PvP armor set
12. Collect new weapons for PvP
13. Earn all PvP titles
14. Help your guild earn influence
15. Charm all possible pets as a Hunter
16. Fill every collection slot in the bank with at least one item
17. Complete all PvP achievements
18. Complete all possible weapon achievements for your character
19. Complete all your achievements
20. Go skydiving in Feralas
21. Finish your quests
22. Do low-level content
23. Gear up for heroics
24. Tackle Tol Barad
25. Build your reputations
26. Become a PvP legend
27. Finish off your professions
28. Resource Farming
29. Experiment with roleplay.
30. Have fun!

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