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[Wotlk] [3.3.5] Agony-WoW - Fully Scripted - PvE and PvP - Fun Realm

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Once you start up a character you will have a server taxi right infront of you. You can port to: Mall, Leveling Road and Gurubashi arena.

Server Name: Agony-WoW

Server Type: High Rates Server

Voting Sites:
•Top100arena (Premium/Gold member) Rank: 40
• Xtremetop100 (Premium/Gold member) Rank: 84
• TopG (Premium/Gold member) Rank: 50
• OpenWoW Rank: 65
Website is based with FusionCMS licensed and for forums we have IP.Board


Fully Scripted
All instances working
Working Battlegrounds
Working arenas
Level 80 cap
Leveling Road
Great Mall
No Lag
Custom Quests
Starter Gear NPCs
Custom MOP Mounts

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